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Coolest Homemade Waterfall Cake

This was a waterfall cake I made for my nephew’s 2nd birthday. I used two vanilla cake mixes in one 9×13 pan and one small oval pan. I made three batches of icing (9 cups), filled both cakes with lemon pie filling and attached the oval cake to one end of the rectangular cake using icing.

For the water I used a small decorating tip and white icing to outline where it would go. I filled that in with white icing, and spread piping gel mixed with blue food coloring over all the white area. I put chocolate rocks in the water before it set.

For the green is just plain buttercream icing with green food coloring. I put extra icing on the sides of the oval to make it look less obvious that it was an oval cake – that side had a LOT of icing. I put a couple more chocolate rocks on the side of the waterfall after I had iced the green part. After I finished icing the whole cake I pushed more chocolate rocks along the bottom of the cake.

The trees and animals all came in a package from WalMart but trees that looked more like palm trees would have looked better. My favorite part was a monkey climbing up the “hill” at the back. The Diego truck came with Diego in it and I just placed it on the cake.

The cake was delicious and it was definitely a hit at the party!

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