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Cute Homemade Camping Cake with Jello Lake

I used 9 inch round pans to make the cake (any smaller, and you wouldn’t have enough room to decorate). Cool cake and cut irregular lake shape out of one layer, can freeze first to make a little easier to cut. Either use buttercream tinted brown or chocolate buttercream to ice the cake. The lake will look more blue if you use white icing for lining the water area. Make sure you thoroughly cover all area of lake well, because you’re going to be filling it with jello!

Make a box of blue jello using the quick set method, fill the lake, and chill to set firmly. Tent was made from pretzel sticks and a fruit roll up; sun and fire from softened/molded starburst; rocks under fire and around lake are choc covered raisins; trees made from rolled out gumdrops, cut out with tiny leaf cookie cutter; canoe from an Airhead (oar from pretzel/piece of caramel); bumblebees from M&Ms or jelly beans – use tiny tip to decorate, add wings with almond slivers; ladybugs from M&Ms; flower bucket from gumdrop/licorice rope; pipe on greenery on sides and add tiny decorating flowers; dragonflies just piped from icing. Decorate teddy grahams ahead of time, put where desired.

This was a fun cake to make, got a ton of compliments!

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