Coolest Flower Pot Birthday Cupcakes

I wanted a special cake for my friend’s birthday and came up with this Flower Pot Birthday Cupcakes idea. It was fairly easy.

You will need wooden dowels (thick enough to hold up a cupcake), lots of frosting (I used neon food coloring for the bright colors), decorating bags, star tips, Terra Cotta pot (I spray painted mine and attached stickers), large round foam ball (found in the fake flower section of craft stores), green tissue paper, newspaper (to hold the foam ball in place in the pot, lots of regular and mini cupcakes. I used a boxed Funfetti mix.

Use newspaper to keep ball steady in Terra Cota pot. Break wooden dowels in half and stick them all over the ball in various locations. Use a sharp knife to poke small holes in the bottom of the cupcakes, place cupcakes on wooden dowels, making sure to fill in with small cupcakes. Decorate!

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