Fun Homemade Curious George Cake

My husband joined me in the kitchen to make this fun Curious George cake.

I began with a printout of Curious George’s face, enlarged to fit the pan. I taped the printout to a cutting board, and over that I taped wax paper. For each color I used candy melts and chocolate chips, piped out of Wilton candy piping bottles.

Beginning with chocolate I piped the pupils, then white chocolate for the eyes, followed by the rest of the face with peanut butter candy melts. Cool in the freezer between each step. In retrospect I ought to have used dark candy melts for his facial features before filling in the face with peanut butter candy melts. After chilling, remove wax paper by peeling gently away from candy.

While I made the face my husband formed the cake with rice crispy treats. (Easy to mold when warm, and travels well.) He used the “Animal Crackers” pan from Wilton to mold the basic shape, then fine tuned it from there. He left the ears empty on the mold and added them after in the right proportion/position.

After the “cake” was shaped we frosted the entire thing in chocolate, pressed on the face and vanilla cookies for the ears, Then used Coco Pebbles type cereal to give dimension to his fur. We used a pre-made black icing tube to add the facial features.

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