Coolest Star Wars Cake

This Star Wars cake was for my daughter’s 4th birthday and it was the 2nd cake that I had made/decorated by myself. I actually got the idea when I saw the Star Wars cookie cutters in Williams Sonoma.

What I used;

* Box cake (2)

* Frosting

* Wilton’s Fondant – I bought white and made black, 2 different shades of green (Yoda and Boba Fett) and yellow

* Williams Sonoma Star Wars cookie cutters – these cookie cutters are great for working with fondant. The leave impressions on the face that let you know where the markings should be. The Star Wars set came with Yoda, Darth Vadar, Boba Fett and Storm Trooper

* Star Cookie Cutters

* Silver Spray (Wilton’s I believe)

* Back, White, Red frosting (bought in the tubes)

I started with regular box cake (2) and layered them (I used pink cake to give it a more feminine look). I frosted with regular, store bought frosting (knowing what I know now, I would make my own butter cream) and then covered with the black fondant. Making and rolling the black fondant was time consuming, but not difficult – it took a lot of coloring to get the black that I wanted. Once covered, I sprayed the black fondant with the silver spray to give it a shiny look.

Yoda – I made the green fondant and rolled it out. Using the Williams Sonoma cookie cutter I cut out a few Yoda’s. Using black and white frosting I filled in his facial features (impressions left by the cookie cutters).

Storm Trooper – I rolled out the white fondant and cut out a few Storm Troopers (cookie cutters). Using the black frosting I filled in the facial features.

Darth Vadar – I rolled out more black fondant and cut out a few Darth Vadar’s (again, the cookie cutters). Using the white frosting I filled in the facial features.

Boba Fett – I rolled out the green fondant and cut out a few Boba Fetts. using the red and black frosting I filled in the facial features.

Yellow Stars – I rolled out the yellow fondant and cut out stars.

I then attached all character faces and stars to the cake with water.

White Happy Birthday Sign – this is the only part of the cake that I was not happy with and knowing what I know now, I would find another way to do this. I used a stencil to mark the letters and then I used red frosting to write the message.

Overall I would say that this cake was a success (especially since it was only my 2nd time working with fondant) – my daughter LOVED it and I had fun making it.

When working with fondant I found that I needed a lot of confectioners sugar to keep it from sticking.

Homemade Star Wars Cake

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