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Cool Homemade Disney Cars Birthday Cake

This Disney Cars birthday cake is the birthday cake I made back in Feb. for my son’s 3rd birthday. He loves all the Disney Cars movies and I wanted to make him something really special. He had become a big brother in November, so I wanted to go the extra mile for his birthday!

The cake is actually made from 4 cakes that I cut to form the stadium. I used colored sprinkles to represent all the other cars in the stands. I also used the cars cake pan from Williams Sonoma to make the individual cars from Radiator Springs. It was a HUGE hit!

For table decorations I had ordered traffic cone cups for the kids and had lined the table with black poster board and white tape to represent a road. I also bought inflatable tire pool rafts that I stacked as the “leaning tower of tires.” It really was so much fun to put the party together! I hope this will help any parents looking for party ideas for the “Cars Fanatic” like my little boy!


Coolest Disney Cars Birthday Cake

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