When I asked Bryce what kind of cake he wanted me to make for his 3rd birthday he said he wanted one with a road on it.  As I browsed through pictures on the internet, he watched over my shoulder, indignant if I stopped on one that did not have a road.  “I need a road,” he insisted, so a road he would get.

I found a few different pictures that inspired me to make the road in the shape of the number 3 and decided to use crushed Oreos to make it. I did a crumb coat on the cake with white icing, then my husband outlined the number 3 in the icing with a toothpick. He cut the corner off the plastic bag holding the crushed Oreos so he could neatly sprinkle them into the outline of the 3.  I finally invested in the Wilton tip that made the icing look like grass, rather than just use the star tip.  My husband used this to make the grass all around the 3-shaped road.

We were going to use white icing for the strips on the road, but as I hesitated to open a new icing can for a few lines on the road, I saw the extra Oreos sitting on the counted and suggested we try using the cream from them, as I was also concerned the icing may not work so well on the Oreo layer. I used a butter knife to scrape off the cream from a few separated Oreo cookies, and we cut it into strips. We then made all the signs on the computer (my husband insisted in the deer sign – I’m still not really sure why), adjusting the sizes and colors to get them just right (the Exit 3 sign with Happy Birthday Bryce took us awhile to find the right color green and I still think the Exit 3 should have had its own small white box around it).

We printed the pictures out on card stock and cut and glued them double-sided onto toothpicks to stick in the cake. We originally put two cars on the cake, but when Bryce saw it he insisted he needed three cars because he is three, so we complied.

It looks great, doesn’t it?