Coolest Dora and Diego Cake

This Dora and Diego cake was for a brother/sister joint party. We used white marshmallow fondant to cover each round tier (9inches and 8 inches). I think we did chocolate for the bottom tier and white cake for the top. We then dyed extra white fondant into different colors for the stripes and stars.

The stars and butterfly were cut using cookie cutters. My friend (the mom) provided the candles that look like Dora and Diego. I made the backpacks, map, and baby jaguar out of fondant and secured them to the cake with toothpicks. We dyed butter cream icing yellow for the piping. I would recommend using dowels or extra support when stacking two larger cakes like this.

By the time we delivered the cake to the party the stripes on the bottom tier were starting to bow out just a tiny bit as the cake settled. The part was at Chuck E Cheese and it definitely blew the two other Dora cakes we saw there out of the water. The birthday boy and girl loved it. It was fairly easy and looked better than a supermarket cake.

Homemade Dora and Diego Cake

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