This Dora and Diego cake for my twin sons’ 4th birthday was a huge project.  I knew that making Dora and Diego would be extremely time consuming so I decided to use little toy figures for them.  Since they weren’t going to be edible, I wanted the rest of the cake to be really special.  I knew I wanted to make an outdoor scene since that is where Dora and Diego spend all their time.  I came across a waterfall cake and I knew that is what I wanted to make.  I spent hours planning this cake and searching the internet for the perfect toy figures.  A few weeks before the party I did a test run of the cake to see if I really could pull off a waterfall.  It actually worked!  Here is how I made the cake:

The base of the cake is two vanilla cake layers with a cookies and cream filling and green butter cream frosting.  The mountain is three small round chocolate cakes (two layers each) stacked on top of each other with cookies and cream filling and green butter cream frosting.  The mountain was then covered with fondant on the waterfall area and crushed chocolate and regular graham crackers on the rest of the mountain.  Then I created the waterfall using blue sparkle writing gel.  It took 3 tubes of gel to make the waterfall and the pond.

The surrounding area was covered in green butter cream grass.  I made rocks and a crocodile out of fondant.  The palm trees were made from cookies for the trunk and fondant cut with leaf cookie cutters and then pressed with a fork.  They were put together with toothpicks.  Adding Dora, Diego, and Boots floating in the pond was the final step.

The cake was a big hit and my twins absolutely loved it!