Cool Homemade 2 Tiered Fondant Dora Birthday Cake

This Dora birthday cake is my first attempt at fondant. I used 2 8-inch chocolate cakes for the bottom layer and 2 6-inch yellow cakes for the top layer. Both are frosted with white icing and then placed in the refrigerator for a couple of hours.

I ended up making my own marshmallow fondant – much better than the store bought fondant! For the whole cake I used 1.5 batches of fondant. I colored it as I needed it. For the stars and number 2, I made them a few days ahead of time and let them dry out. I bought a plastic Dora figurine for the top of the cake. My husband drilled a small whole in the plastic for a wooden skewer to make sure she would not fall over.

I got my idea after searching on the web and found a similar design/color scheme. This was fun to make and not crazy difficult. Total decorating time for the fondant part was about 3 hours. This cake was a surprise and my daughter LOVED it!

9 thoughts on “Cool Homemade 2 Tiered Fondant Dora Birthday Cake”

  1. Hi I am in love with this cake design! I am going to give it a go for my daughter Jayda’s 2nd Birthday in October! Wish you were local I would place an order! Are you in Victoria by any chance? This is so impressive!

  2. Where did you get the Dora for the top? Did you make the stars yourself? My daughter saw this and thinks she HAS TO HAVE IT for her birthday party this weekend.


  3. I made this cake for my daughter’s second birthday Sept 15th. It was a HIT!!! Everyone asked where we BOUGHT it! It was so easy. We made our own fondant and it was yummy. Thanks for the idea!!

  4. I’m attempting to make my daughters 2nd birthday cake and I’ve never baked before. I have an idea in mind can you tell me how to make fondant??

  5. My little girl’s 2nd Birthday is coming soon, I would like to make a Dora cake. I have looked for the Dora figurine everywhere in the net I am not able to find a similar one that you have used. may I ask where did you buy this figurine from? I will appreciate for your help.

  6. HI
    I Love the Cake A Lot,and i want to give this cake to my baby for her birthday
    pls help me
    where did u get the cake top
    and can i know the recipe of the fondant

  7. please let me know where you got the dora plsctic doll from, my baby is turning 1 and she loves dora.i want that doll in particular…looks so cute.

  8. For those wondering, I bought the Dora figurine at Target, she stands about 4 inches tall. I am about to make another Dora cake for my youngest daughter, hopefully it turns out as well!

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