Cool Homemade 2D Dora Face Cake

I used my daughter’s Dora place mat to trace Dora’s face onto wax paper with a marker. It was a little bigger than I had intended for the Dora cake but I just ended up using the whole cake surface.

Then I flipped over the wax paper and followed the outline of the marker with chocolate frosting using a bag and piping tip. I then turned the wax paper over onto the white frosted cake, pressing the chocolate Dora outline onto the surface. From there, I just used a star tip to fill in the various colored areas. I also used some game pieces from Dora’s Candyland Adventure to add Boots and Backpack on top.

Overall, I would say the project was quite easy!

3 thoughts on “Cool Homemade 2D Dora Face Cake”

  1. Your Dora is lovely. you inspired me to try one like that, how you have done, has been explained quite precisely, the exact way how to copy a pic to a cake. I will try to do it.
    good luck.


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