Cool Homemade Dorothy the Dinosaur Cake

Our daughter was mad on Dorothy (a Wiggles Character) so a homemade Dorothy the Dinosaur cake was made for her 2nd birthday. I made 2 square chocolate cakes and joined them together with some jam. I had a picture of Dorothy from a wiggles book and blew it up using a photo copier and cut it out. I then laid it on the cake and cut it to the shape you see.

I then made heaps of green butter icing (way too much! I had enough left to make a green cake for my niece also) and covered the cake. The outline was soft liquorice rolled into ‘snakes’. This actually took ages and I’d probably cut up strap liquorice next time, although the roundness of it did look good. The hat and gloves were cut from rolled out fondant icing. My sister made the rose from a ‘roll-up’ (sweet fruity sheets) and the yellow dots are piped on royal icing.

Everyone loved this homemade Dorothy the Dinosaur cake!

2 thoughts on “Cool Homemade Dorothy the Dinosaur Cake”

  1. The Licorice was the most time consuming part, so if you don’t roll them, it would cut down the time. From memory (it was 7 years ago) it took about 3 hours to cut up make icing and decorate. The cakes were I think about 10-12 inches square. Hope this helps


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