Coolest Dorothy Dinosaur Cake

My 2 year old daughter is just plain obsessed with Dorothy! Very popular is Miss Dorothy the dinosaur with my daughter and all her friends. This Dorothy Dinosaur Cake was a hit with all the little kiddies at the birthday party and I also received many compliments from the parents too.

Overall I’m very happy with the outcome, and best of all it tasted yummy too! Making this cake was quite easy, not as tough as I thought it would be! I used 3 rectangle sponge cakes and joined them with icing. I then placed a blown up pic of Dorothy on top of cake and cut around it.

To get Dorothy’s features right I used a toothpick and poked lots of little holes through the paper onto the cake to give me an outline. Icing it took the longest! For extra decoration a rose on the hat would have looked nice.

Good luck with your own cake!

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