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Cool Homemade Dorothy the Dinosaur Birthday Cake

I made this Dorothy The Dinosaur Birthday Cake for my daughter’s 2nd birthday, she’s absolutely obsessed with all things Wiggles and especially loves Dorothy The Dinosaur.

I made 2 square cakes, and then using a picture I enlarged of Dorothy as a stencil I cut out the shape of her head, and used butter icing to put them together and iced the whole cake. I used black gel icing that I purchased in a tube to do the outline, giant yellow wine gums for her spots, and for her eyes black lollies, and fake roses in her hat.

My daughter was delighted to see her Dorothy cake and everyone one at the party loved it.

3 thoughts on “Cool Homemade Dorothy the Dinosaur Birthday Cake”

  1. Was your icing for the hat and teeth tinged yellow from the butter cream icing or were you able to make it white some how?


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