My neighbor asked me to make her son a Dragon Birthday Cake for his birthday. I took up cake making a year ago as a hobby and had never done a dragon cake before, but I love a challenge and said yes. After checking out several dragon cakes online, We (my neighbor was my helper) came up with a design.

I used 4 sheet cakes. 3 layers for the body and then cut up the last cake to make the neck and head. For filling, I took some butter cream and threw in some crushed Oreos. After stacking the cakes, we slowly cut the cake down until it was the shape we wanted. Take your time on this part and only take a little away at a time. I did a crumb coat in green butter cream and then covered the body in fondant circles layered to look like scales (figured it would be easier than trying to smooth out a solid sheet of fondant). The tail is entirely fondant. The wings are fruit roll ups on skewers.

The rocks around the dragon are tootsie rolls (regular and vanilla ones) that we nuked for a few seconds in the microwave and then rolled into balls. Then I piped some green butter cream grass in between the rocks.

Total time from start to finish was about 8 hours. Four hours to make the cake, butter cream and fondant. Four hours to assemble.

It was a hit!