This drum cake was my first attempt at covering a cake with Fondant. It wasn’t perfect, but it turned out better than I expected.

The cake itself was 2 boxes of German chocolate cake mixes, baked in 4 8″ round pans, then stacked up, with frosting in between. Then I frosted the outside of the cake with more chocolate frosting , and refrigerated it.

I rolled out the fondant, placed it on the cake, smoothed it out, then using an artist’s brush, I painted the side of the snare with red and brown Wilton colors mixed with clear vanilla extract and bronze edible powder.

The silver tapes are gift wrapping tapes. The clips are actually Kit Kat with silver powder brushed on them. I used candy melt (light cocoa) to make the clips look more authentic, by melting them, and squeezing little lines on both sides of the kit kat. Once they dried, they were stuck as one piece. I “glued” them on the cake with chocolate frosting.

I also used the squeeze bottle with candy melt to write the “Ludwig” logo in front and the “Remo” logo, on the “skin” of the snare.

The drumsticks are real, painted in gold paint, and I gave them as a gift to the birthday boy.

The Ziljian Cymbal is an up-side-down paper plater, painted in gold, with the logo cut out from a web page and brushed with glue onto the inverted plate. Then I used a wooden skewer wrapped in foil as the cymbal stand, and stuck it in the back of the cake.