Coolest Drum Cake

This drum cake was my first attempt at covering a cake with Fondant. It wasn’t perfect, but it turned out better than I expected.

The cake itself was 2 boxes of German chocolate cake mixes, baked in 4 8″ round pans, then stacked up, with frosting in between. Then I frosted the outside of the cake with more chocolate frosting , and refrigerated it.

I rolled out the fondant, placed it on the cake, smoothed it out, then using an artist’s brush, I painted the side of the snare with red and brown Wilton colors mixed with clear vanilla extract and bronze edible powder.

The silver tapes are gift wrapping tapes. The clips are actually Kit Kat with silver powder brushed on them. I used candy melt (light cocoa) to make the clips look more authentic, by melting them, and squeezing little lines on both sides of the kit kat. Once they dried, they were stuck as one piece. I “glued” them on the cake with chocolate frosting.

I also used the squeeze bottle with candy melt to write the “Ludwig” logo in front and the “Remo” logo, on the “skin” of the snare.

The drumsticks are real, painted in gold paint, and I gave them as a gift to the birthday boy.

The Ziljian Cymbal is an up-side-down paper plater, painted in gold, with the logo cut out from a web page and brushed with glue onto the inverted plate. Then I used a wooden skewer wrapped in foil as the cymbal stand, and stuck it in the back of the cake.



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  1. I have been searching for some good ideas on drum cakes. I am making my grandson’s bday cake this week end and he wants a drum set cake. I have just completed all 4 cake classes at Michael’s and have to say, your cake is the coolest I have seen… Hope you don’t mind if I use a couple of your ideas. (the cymble). You did a terrific job.

  2. Hi, I am very impressed with your cake, as is my son, who is now 4. I will be making a drum cake for his 5th birthday now I dare say. Love the simplicity of the cymbal and the other details. Thank you for sharing!!!

  3. Wow my husband plays the drums and a cake like this would be great for his b-day on 11/17.. great job… do you sell your cakes?

  4. It may not have been perfect to you, but that thing is awesome. I need to find someone to do that for my son. He’s only 2 and he loves the drums. Awesome job.

  5. Hi. New at cake decorating. You’re cake steals the show. Where can I find all the metallic supplies? How many stores did you have to shop at to collect the decorating materials? Thanks!

  6. Am a confectioner in Kenya and one hour before going to teach my client on drum cake decoration i found this cake instructions & ideas. THANKS

  7. This is great! My son’s bday is the 17th and I will be doing something along these lines- thank you for sharing!

  8. I love this cake. I am attempting to make one this weekend. My question is about the colors on the side. How much color did it take and how many of the metallic powders did you use? Thank you for sharing!

  9. Love the kit kat idea. Great job with your first cake. I hope you got the but and have been making lots more. I need to make a drum cake in two weeks for my cousin, so you’ve given me great ideas. Thanks!

  10. love this cake! thinking about making one like it for my bfs bday next week, but a duplicate of his snare. How much fondant did you use on it?

  11. great idea using a squeze bottle for the writing! its so much easier than a bag :) just wondering where you get the metalic paint from, and how expensive it is. i need to make a similar cake by next wednesday, so thanks for the inspiration!!! :)

  12. I really like the drum cake, and thank you for sharing how you made this cake!! A costumer has asked me to make a drum cake for her son and I am really grateful for your information since your cake turned out great!!

  13. the cake looks simply WONDERFUL! whoever you baked that cake for is a very lucky person…. i would have loved to receive a cake like that!

  14. Great job!! Here’s a suggestion for those out there who would like to make edible drum sticks. Use modeling chocolate! Make your own:

  15. Thank you so much for posting! I just made this for my son who will be turning 15. Mine didn’t quite come out so perfectly round…what is your secret?
    JayAvra…great idea also! Wish I would have seen your comment before…it would be great to take your chocolate sticks idea & wrap the chocolate around some pretzel rods. Oh well…I guess I’ll just use a set from his collection. lol

  16. Hi
    I hope you read this comment. Absolutely LOVE the cake… I have just started dating a drummer and his birthday is in July… I have a couple questions… How did you do the sticks that the kit kats are on, and it looks like you made like a cut out in the candy bar for the stick.. Also, the silver band… Just paper tape? PLEASE email me PLEASE….. I would so appreciate it!!! That cake is amazing. Oh, and his drum set is blue, so how would you suggest to color it. THANKS!!!

  17. I’m going to try this for my boyfriend’s birthday. I see that you can buy edible spray paint for this kind of thing, so that might make it easier. Love the kitkat idea!!!! Thanks for sharing this.

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