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Cool Homemade Drum Cake

For my husband returning from being on tour drumming for 7 months I really wanted to this Drum Cake. I followed the drum cake recipe from another submission on this site and used 4 chocolate fudge box recipes, frosted it with chocolate frosting overnight and used marshmallow fondant. It’s cheap and tastes great.

I used 1 and a half bags of mini marshmallows, 2 tablespoons of water, microwaved it 20 seconds and stirred until well combined. Then you just use as much powdered sugar until it is not sticky anymore. Roll it out as thin or thick as you want. Then I smoothed it over the entire cake and trimmed and used extra fondant for the rims.

I used Kit Kats for the lugs and Wilton silver to paint the details. I used a violet Wilton color which came out more of a blue tone. I used light cocoa candy melt and squeezed from bag on both sides of Kit Kats.

The cymbal was a paper plate spray painted gold and I glued the logo from a cutout from internet. I used a wooden skewer wrapped in foil. It took all day to do it but it was fun to make!

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