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Coolest Easter Bunny Cake

I made this Easter Bunny cake for an Easter party at a friend’s house with about 30 guests. I was asked to create a cake for the holiday party so off I went.

I used white cake mix for the body. I stacked 2 pieces of cake cut from a sheet cake pan on top of one another to give it it’s basic height. I then used an oval casserole dish to add on top of the two pieces of already stacked cake to give the bunny the shape of it’s back.

For the head, I used the same casserole dish, and cut the cake in half from the dish when done baking. I used plastic sticks to hold the head to the body. I then took two Twinkies, and added them to the head of the bunny with the same plastic sticks and a little icing to help adhere to the cake. I used an extra piece of cake, hand cut out to form the tail of the bunny.

Once that was complete, I iced the entire cake with white icing. I then applied shaved coconut to give the bunny’s fur texture. For the details I used black icing gels, and a dum-dum pop inserted into the cake for the nose. I then dyed some more shaved coconut green, and sprinkled it around the base of the cake. I bought some Easter egg malt candy balls and added them around to look like eggs in the “grass”.

For the basket on the side of the cake, I used another hand cut piece of cake added to the side and hand piped brown colored icing in a “weave” pattern to give the basket it’s texture. I then twisted 2 pipe cleaners together for the handle, and added some more “grass” in the basket and a few more “egg” candies.

When all was said and done, when we got to the party, everyone was in such awe, that they said they were afraid to cut into it because it was too pretty to eat! I guess all that work for just a showcase cake! I had a few pieces though!

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