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Coolest M&M Easter Bunny Cake Idea

I love making cakes for the kids and always try to come up with something new. I got the Homemade M&M Easter Bunny Cake Idea from the M&M Easter bunny commercials.

I baked a round two layer cake from a box mix. I frosted middle and cut off about 1/4 of one side and stood on edge. I frosted the whole thing with buttercream frosting. Next I made marshmallow fondant and colored it yellow to cover the cake. His eyes were more fondant and buttercream.His mouth and eyebrows chocolate buttercream.

For his arms I borrowed from Mr. Potato head. His ears were made from craft foam. Then it was time to accessorize, Easter basket and jelly bean eggs, a felt Easter egg bouquet, Easter basket grass and last but not least; I made him a little book that said “Easter Bunnies for Dummies”.

Everyone loved it it was almost a shame to cut it up. I really enjoyed this one. Looking back I would recommend using something else for the grass as what I used ended up everywhere.

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