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Cool Homemade 3D White Easter Bunny Cake

I had a great time making this Easter bunny cake. It was really quiet simple. I used a bunny mold my cousin picked up for me (can’t remember whose it was since I threw the box away a long time ago) to bake the bunny itself. I baked it a little longer than usual so it would be a little harder on the outside to stand up. I found this to be easier if you are baking with a mold that is laying flat in the oven and you have to stand it up when it’s done.

I used coconut to cover the bunny. I iced it with white icing first and just put coconut over it. I used jelly beans for the eyes.

With the grass around the bunny I put some of the coconut flakes in a plastic bag and put green food coloring in it and sealed the bag. I smashed and shook the bag around until all the coconut was dyed green then I placed it around the bunny with jelly beans on top.

This was a great hit for our annual Easter egg hunt at home. The kids really loved it and I even got some really great comments from the adults too!!

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