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Coolest Easter Egg Lamb Cake

I searched high and low to find a really cool, kid- friendly, Easter Lamb Cake for a special client’s annual Easter Egg Hunt Party. This Easter Egg Lamb cake is what I created based on my vision of “I’m cute and delicious, go ahead and eat me!”

The rear of cake is butter vanilla, the front is chocolate fudge, the egg cake is strawberry. The head, neck and ears are crispy treats doweled into a 4″ Styrofoam column. I wanted to make certain the head did not move in transporting to site. The styro column was 1/4″ higher than body of cake, then head was doweled onto column to create the height – it did not fail me.

Ears were attached with smaller dowels, actually really sturdy toothpicks. Everything covered in swirls of delicious butter cream icing. Fondant butterflies, flowers, jellybeans and plastic eggs filled with candy corn were added to complete the edible centerpiece.

Everyone was very pleased. I hope this inspires you next Easter!

Homemade Easter Egg Lamb Cake

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