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Cool Homemade Easter Egg Cake

My son’s first birthday fell on Easter, so we decided to have an Easter-themed birthday party, complete with an Easter egg cake. I bought an egg-shaped cake pan online. I used yellow cake mix and frosted it with vanilla frosting. I then made different types of lines (squiggle, ribbon, star, flower, straight, etc.) using various tips in pastel colors.

To get the pastel colors, I mixed the white frosting with a little bit of pink, yellow, blue, green, or purple food coloring. To dress up the cake a little bit, I rubbed coconut shreds with a little bit of green food coloring and sprinkled it all around the outside of the cake, so it would look like the fake grass used in Easter baskets.

The cake itself was pretty small and we had 40 plus guests, so I decided to bake lots of cupcakes to go along with it. The cupcakes were different flavors but they were all iced with pastel frosting.

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