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Coolest Horses Cake

For the last few years, I’ve been making cakes for my sons’ birthdays. This year, my niece asked if I would please make her birthday cake so I agreed. She only got to pick the kind of batter. My inspiration for a horses cake was her love of horses!

She got to invite some friends to go horseback riding, then back to her house for a slumber party. So, instead of it saying happy birthday, I thought it would be cute to say happy trails! Everything except for the horses and bridge are edible. The stalls are rice krispy treats; pumpkins are jelly candies (her party was in Oct. so they were available), trees are large spearmint leaf shaped spice drops on pretzel sticks, shrubs are small spearmint leaf spice drops. The trail was made from graham cracker crumbs, fence out of chocolate licorice, and mini candy bars used for bails of hay. Loose hay was toasted coconut.

She and her friends loved it! The toughest part was transporting the cake. I wanted it to be extra-special for her so I purchased the box, etc. from a cake supply, not realizing the fancy paper would slide around in the box since I didn’t glue it down to the cake board (they usually don’t leave my house so it’s never been an issue). Also, the box wasn’t quite tall enough so I had to tape it in a way that the box couldn’t smash the horses legs all the way down into the cake. I haven’t taken any classes, so I learn a bit from every cake I do.

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