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Coolest Love of Horses Cake

I make my kids birthday cakes every year. And I let them pick what they would like on their cakes. My son is into horses and that’s what he wanted. So I made him a love of hoses cake.

You will need a box of cake mix of your choice, icing, green food coloring, toy horses( I find them in the toy section for a few dollars), a zip lock bag , graham crackers.

Bake cake and let cool completely.

Once your cake has cooled you are ready to have some fun. You will need to make green icing. Cut a slit in the corner of the zip lock bag. Put your green icing in the zip lock bag and squeeze the icing to the end. Dab the icing to make the green grass on the cake, leaving a corner with out icing.

Crush graham crackers. Sprinkle the crushed graham crackers on to the corner of the cake that has no icing. This will be your dirt. (If you would like darker dirt you can use Oreo crumbs instead.)

Then place your toy horses where you like. Enjoy and have fun with it.

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