My nephew is crazy about pugs! So as his 18th was coming up I asked him if he would like me to make his cake, he said yes but I kept the cake a secret from him. So on to the pug! I wanted to make a 3D pug to sit on top of the cake. I made him out of Rice Krispies so it would be easier to sculpt and lighter on the cake.

First I made the body shape out of the Krispies and then started adding the fondant. First step was to add a few rolls along the back and around the neck. Then I covered him with fondant. I used black powder color to add shadows and more dimension, and used brown powder color for a more realistic result. He actually came together quite well considering I had never made a pug before. I made big eyes for his little squishy face and cute little ears.

Next it was into the cake. I decided that what better place for the pug to lay than on a pile of cushions. So I baked two 12″ chocolates cakes, filled them both with butter cream, and covered them with blue fondant. I used an impression wheel to add stitching to the cusjoins. I also used black color powder just to give the cushions a more realistic look.

So now the cake is complete, I’m happy with it but then I realize….it’s a costume party! Superheroes or villains, well surely a pug can’t be a villain so he must have a cape and mask!  He looked very cute, and my nephew was both surprised and thrilled with his cake. In fact the next day the pug was featured in several selfies.