Coolest Eduardo Birthday Cake

My niece wanted a monster cake for her 16th birthday and loves the wacky characters from Fosters Home for Imaginary Friends cartoon. She wanted an Eduardo Birthday Cake! My original plan was to make him 3D, but my skills lacking, he ended up a flat cake with a 3D face and horns.

It was super easy! His body is made up of three 8″ round cakes. I halved them and did a filling to add to the fun.

1 round cake makes up his body. Another round cake cut in the shape of 2 crescent moons and placed on the sides, making the bulk of his arms. I had leveled the cakes and kept the rounds and used them for the face, so it was raised up, and used waffle cones for his horns.

The face, pants, belt, and “fingers” I used fondant. I did use store bought,as I didn’t have time to make from scratch. I colored all the pieces with cake decorator colors, the ones you use for frosting and kneaded each until I had the colors I wanted.

I’d printed a picture of Eduardo and had it right in front of me so I had a template close by. I made 2 batches of all shortening buttercream frosting, colored it dark purple, and used a “hair” tip for all his fur.

Everyone loved it, he turned out pretty cool!

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