Cute Homemade Eeyore Birthday Cake

I absolutely adore Eeyore. When I found out my friend loved him too, it gave me the perfect opportunity to make something using his likeness. This Eeyore cake was made for her 52nd birthday.

The first character cake that I made and I think it turned out pretty well. I used a half sheet pan for the cake. I found a pretty simple picture of Eeyore and cut it free hand. All of the details are done in buttercream icing. The tail was done in only butterceam with no cake base.

For the inner ear, I thinned the icing with corn syrup so it would blend together better. To get the vibrant color of the black, I added cocoa powder before the icing color trying to prevent the graying that often occurs in black icing. I also learned that covering the cake board in aluminum foil isn’t just for show it would’ve made the whole cake look better.

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