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Coolest Elephants Playing In Pond Birthday Cake

This is my cake with elephants playing in a pond with a waterfall. I made the elephant center piece up a week in advance to make sure that it was sturdy enough to make the trip to my friend’s house. She loves elephants. The centerpiece was made in stages, letting it dry between steps. The waterfall was the best part. It was pretty easy, just layering fondant and smoothing it down with a wet paint brush. Each layer of the waterfall was smaller and a little lighter to make the color difference.

I made the water permanently shiny by using 50% corn syrup and 50% water mixture, and then just brushing it on the waterfall and the pond after it was all finished. The fondant I used for the cake was just white and black fondant tye dyed together.

Overall I am very very happy with this cake and I hope I get the chance to make it again!