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Cool Frog Pond Cake

I wanted to say I love your website and it has really helped me with future cake ideas. I have attached some photos of the frog pond cake I made for my uncle. He loves frogs! The cake wasn’t my original design and I got the idea from a book but adapted it slightly.

This is only my second attempt at making a fondant covered cake and I loved doing it, especially when I saw my uncle’s face on his birthday. The frog pond cake is a simple 7 inch Madeira sponge cake cut into a heart shape. I made a template from paper. I filled the center, top and sides with butter cream. I then covered it with green fondant icing.

I used the back of a knife to make the leaf vein. I made the frogs out of fondant icing, I downloaded a video on YouTube which showed me how to make them. I made some flowers out of white and yellow fondant and used piping nozzles as cutters.

I covered the cake board with blue butter cream and made the rocks with white and black fondant, just a very small amount of black gave them the marble effect. I decided to put a crown on the boy frog just to finish it off.

I have a few more birthdays coming up so will post some more pictures soon.

Cool Frog Pond Cake

Cool Frog Pond Cake

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