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Coolest Everything’s Rosie Birthday Cake

I started by making the cake topper which was a tree. I used a wooden skewer, placed this into my cake dummy and started winding wire around it and formed the branches of the tree. These were then covered in icing using fondant and flower paste until the tree was the design I wanted. It was then left to harden before painting brown. I then placed the eyes onto it. I got a cake board in the size I needed and covered it in green icing and left it to harden for a few days.

I the held the tree upside down and cut the wooden stick off so it was flat and I stuck it to the board I had covered in green icing using royal icing to stick them together and then piped the grass around the base of the tree. I then stuck the two little figures to the topper to finish off. I baked an 11” cake in vanilla sponge and baked an 8” cake in chocolate sponge. When chilled they were sandwiched together with jam and butter cream and covered in butter cream then placed in the freezer for 10min to chill. I then covered them with roll out icing in white they were left to harden overnight. The next day I colored some roll out icing in ice blue, purple, citrus, claret and pale pink.
I placed 5 dowel rods into the center of the 11” cake and with a little royal icing I attached the top cake.

I started decorating the bottom cake with small and large circles in different colors  and the decorated the top with stripes in different colors.  I then made lots of different colored balls making sure they were all the same size and these were attached around the base of the two cakes using royal icing I then attached the cake topper using royal icing, and piped a message around the cake drum on the base of the cake.

Now using fondant and flower paste I made the bow. This was left over night to harden. I then rolled out some white fondant to make the white ribbon around the cake and then attached using some watered down icing sugar as a glue and using royal icing I attached the bow and tails. The cake was now finished. It looked great.
Coolest Everything's Rosie Birthday Cake

Coolest Everything's Rosie Birthday Cake

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