Thanks to Yvonne E. I was able to start with a drawing template like she did. I am a construction worker as well as an artist. I knew I was going to make the best cake ever to my artistic ability. Then in the end I had one Blemish. Anyway, I like to thank Yvonne for instructing how to make the cuts in the 2 cakes. Then I thank Cynthia B. for loaning her cake decorating kit that had everything I needed and her tips on what she learned during cake decorating class.

This Excavator Cake Idea took 4 hours on decorating. Special thanks to this site for having cakes on here to post and my Wife Erin F. for baking the cakes and mixing the icing. I used Hershey candy bars broken up in its own squares for the tracks. Then I used crumpled up chips ahoy cookies for dirt.