Coolest Choo-Choo Train Cake

I viewed what seems like hundreds of the “coolest train cakes” on this site and pooled together the features I felt were neat and ‘do-able’ for me to make my own Homemade Choo-Choo Train Cake!

Base: I started by cutting a “pond” from a Tommy sheet cake and frosted in green. “Grass” is piped around the edge and rock candy placed on the corners of the cake and around the pond.

Pond: I made a sheet of clear glass candy and placed a print-out with my message under it with a piece of suran wrap to keep them from sticking and to protect the paper.

*TIP*—My glass candy broke a little. I needed to use something stiffer than thick cardboard to handle the weight of the cake because when moving it from the freezer to cupboard, just the little flex in the base caused the glass to crack.

Trees: I piped green onto a waffle cone and pretzel sticks using the grass tip.

Track: I used Kit-Kat bars upside down for the ties and cut a fruit roll-up in half length-wise to lay as the rail.

Wheels: I used regular Oreos with regular M&Ms for the big wheels and small Oreos with Mini M&Ms for the little wheels. (I liked that the M&Ms coordinated color with each car.)

Engine: I used one bread loaf pan, trimmed the two long sides to be straight, cut off 1/3 to put on the top for the ‘cab.’ I used a round tip to pipe yellow icing over the entire body. The roof is part of a giant Hershey bar and an ice-cream cone with marshmellows makes the smoke stack.

Cars: The blue and orange cars are each 1/3 of a loaf pan. I used a closed star tip on the orange and an open star tip on the blue. Both cars have three ‘balloons’ which are cake pops. The blue car has a #2 candle and black licorice confetti candy. The orange car is filled with ‘presents’ which are Starburst candies with bows piped on them from the frosting used on the cake.

Caboose: The caboose is 1/3 of a loaf pan plus some of the pieces that were cut off layered to make the top section. The roof pieces are giant Hershey candy bars. The windows are white gumballs. (I had planned on making blue glass candy in rectangle molds for the glass but ran out of time/energy! I think that would have been cuter.)

*TIP*—The cars were difficult to transfer to the cake once iced. I piped on the side that would be next to another car and hence impossible to frost. Then I placed them on a spatula and used a second spatula to slide it of. I finished piping the other three sides once the car was on the cake.

*TIP*—Red is soooo hard to get. I used No Taste Red and Red Red and I still did not get a very good red. I should have made the orange car purple so that they were not so close to the same color.

This cake was so fun to make and my soon to be 2 year old will love it! My older children now want to try and decorate cakes because they saw how much fun you can have being creative. I had all kinds of different candies and misc. items to use in ‘other’ ways! I was even planning to do a mountain out of coco krispies and marshmellows with a tunnel for the engine to be heading into but ran out of time. What fun!!! Choo choo!!!

Homemade Choo-Choo Train Cake

Homemade Choo-Choo Train Cake

Homemade Choo-Choo Train Cake

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