At first my daughter asked for a winter themed birthday cake but given the fact she is a fan of Stewie (Family Guy) I added the FG figurines to the cake.

I baked the cake in a 12” rectangular pan, vanilla cake for both the base cake and the little house. I made a raspberry filling for the base cake and fresh raspberries previously coated with powdered sugar to give them a little sweet kick and prevent their juice turn the cake soggy.

I had a hard time putting the the roof on the little house and it turned out to be a lil bit challenging but I got it fixed  by piping some cream to keep the graham cookies together from falling. I made the house cake with orange flavored filling and iced it with vanilla whipped cream. I used graham cracker cookies to give it a rustic look to the house.

I used colored gels for the piping decorations on the house and the base cake. The  skating pool is made with blueberry jello.

For the trees I used ice cream cones, piped some green piping and coated them with crystal sugar to give them a sparkle effect. The reindeer,  penguin and the snowflakes are edible. Base cake sprinkled with coconut flakes to give it a wintery look. The whole baking, icing and decorating process took 2 hrs.

My daughter was very happy, loved the cake and the Family Guy  figurines.