Coolest Farm Animal Cupcakes

I made these farm animal cupcakes for my daughter’s second birthday party, a “barnyard bash.” I found the idea for the pig cupcake on this site and the lamb cupcake on another (?) site.

The pig has pink frosting and uses half of a large pink marshmallow for the nose, one pink mini marshmallow cut in half to make the ears, two mini chocolate chips to make nostrils, and two brown M&Ms for eyes.

The lamb has chocolate frosting, 2 rings of white mini marshmallows to make the fleece, one red sprinkle for the mouth, 2 mini chocolate chips to make eyes, and two small inch to inch-and-a-half end pieces of Pocky (available in the Asian foods aisle of any supermarket, in a small red box) for legs.

I came up with the rooster while working with all the marshmallows and M&Ms. It has white frosting and uses yellow mini-marshmallows cut in half to make wings, two mini chocolate chips for eyes, yellow decorating gel for feet, and red/yellow M&Ms for the comb, beak, and waddle.

These were really easy to make, even with three colors of frosting–just one batch of cream cheese frosting split among three bowls, one plain, one with red food coloring, and the other with cocoa powder. I bought all the colored marshmallows, both sizes, at Walmart.

The cupcakes were a hit with kids and adults alike!

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