Coolest Barn Cake

I made an 8×8 cake for the Barn Cake, and trimmed the top third into a peak. The roof was “shingled” with graham crackers. Graham crackers were also used for the barn doors. Pretzel sticks were used for timbers, and yellow tinted coconut was used for hay. If I were to make this again I would use no-taste red paste food coloring. This one turned out a little too pink for my preference.

I made cupcakes and decorated them as sheep, with mini marshmallows, pigs, with pink icing, and chicks, with yellow tinted coconut. The ears and chick beaks were made from snipped pieces of a fruit roll. All of the animal eyes and pig and sheep nostrils were made from mini chocolate coated candies. The sheep snouts were merely blobs of pink icing piped on from a plastic zipbag with the corner snipped off. The pig snouts were made of mini marshmallows frosted in pink icing. I added a little green tinted coconut for the farm yard and called it done! Best of luck!

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