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Cool Homemade 3D Fondant Fire Engine Birthday Cake

When one of your most precious grandson’s asks for a Fire Engine Birthday Cake what does his favorite grandmother do? Make his cake and go all out to make it the best ever! His eyes in the picture show his excitement! Sam’s fire engine cake was a labor of love starting with butter pound cake mixes.

The body of the engine was made using a 16″ loaf pan with the cab made from a standard loaf pan and trimmed to size. The base of the cake was made in a large sheet pan using brownies. The base was iced with chocolate icing and covered with coconut dyed several shades of green to look like grass. The engine itself was crumb coasted with basic icing and covered with Wilton recipe marshmallow fondant (this fondant tastes much better than the other recipes) dyed with the Wilton colors to the individual colors needed.

This was my first attempt at fondant and very stressful! A definite suggestion is to practice before you work on the “real” cake! If you have never worked with red coloring it’s a pain and you will need more than you imagined! All of these colors will darken as the cake sits, so remember if you have a light red and need a medium more than likely you will have it the next day! The trim on the cake was made out of fondant colored and rolled as needed. The “hoses” are made of shoelaces dyed in a bath of tea!

The “lights” on the engine are gel candies placed with icing. The wheels are licorice wheels with icing as the hubcaps. The fire engine cake took me quite a few hours (maybe 10!) so start early, plan ahead, have all the supplies you need and prep what you can ahead of time.

Being the first time I worked with the fondant was a definite drawback! This year Sam and Alex want a John Deere cake!!

Homemade Fire Engine Birthday Cake

Homemade Fire Engine Birthday Cake

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