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Cool Homemade 3D Red Fire Engine Birthday Cake

When my little boy turned three, he knew exactly what kind of party he wanted…A Fire Engine Party! Of course the first thing I did was to come to this site and search for great cake ideas. Thankfully, there was a ton of fire engine cakes to see. I gathered a few ideas for this Fire Engine Birthday Cake from different cakes and this is what I came up with. It was time consuming but so much fun to see the engine come to life. The look on my little boys face when he first saw the cake made it well worth every minute I spent working on it.

To make the cake, I cooked two rectangular cakes. I cut and stacked them to get the shape of the fire engine. The red icing was the most difficult part. I used an entire tub of red food coloring and then added just a dab of black food coloring to get to the deep red (just a note, the icing color gets a little deeper if you store it overnight). I used different kinds of candy for the lights and hoses. We even got a real fire engine to come to our house for the guests to see. It was the coolest party ever!



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