Coolest Fire Truck Cake Design

We used three cake mixes– a chocolate and a vanilla stacked for the base and a vanilla cut in half and stacked upright for the front for this Homemade Fire Truck Cake Design, baked in standard 9 x 12 rectangular cake pans. We used sandwich cookies for the wheels, licorice for the hoses and dots for the sirens. We bought red icing in advance because I read on this site that it was difficult to make the icing red enough on one’s own. We piped on the gray, yellow, black and white details. I bought the candles and favors online. We found personalized fire truck hats, stuffed dalmatians wearing fireman hats, fire truck balloons, fire truck sippy cups, fire truck themed decorations, and a dalmatian pinata, which we filled with toys because one guest had a peanut allergy.

The kids didn’t mind not having candy when bouncy balls, bubbles, miniature play doughs and little rubber duckies fell out. It took about three hours to ice and decorate. It was so much fun. The kids (and adults) just LOVED it! We got a million compliments, so thanks for the great idea!

After making “the coolest fire truck cake,” we had a lot of leftover red icing, so we decided to make cookies. We had also looked for fire truck cookies online, but they were really expensive– an average of $4 per cookie! So we ordered fire truck themed cookie cutters online and bought four premade rolls of cookie dough in the refrigerated section at the grocery store. We cut off slices and rolled them out with a roller and flour.

After cutting out the cookies (it was helpful to keep the dough cool and hard), we baked about 90 cookies, which took a few hours. After they completely cooled, we iced them and then piped on details as best we could to make them look like firemen, fire hydrants, hats, axes, dalmatians and fire trucks. The decorating also took a few hours, but it was fun! At the party everyone loved them, especially the kids. They really liked the fire trucks with their names on them! They were a hit and went along great with the fire truck themed decorations we had such as a dalmatian pinata, fire truck plates and cups and napkins, fire truck balloons, fire truck sippy cups, and fire truck decorations (all of which were found online at a couple of party store websites). I highly recommend making cookies along with a fire truck cake!

Homemade Fire Truck Cake Design

Homemade Fire Truck Cake Design


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  1. as regards to the red icing i never cared for the store bought kind or buying it from the bakery in my opinion its disgusting but to each is own but for those who agree and u actually want red frosting that end up being pink if u go to the grocery store u can buy a cherry or strawberry frosting and then get food cloring i recomend the wilton kind in the little cups and it ends up giving a great red color instead of using white and ending up with a pink


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