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Awesome Homemade Fireman Sam Fire House and Fire Engine Cake

This Fire Engine Cake was made for my little boy’s 3rd birthday, as he was obsessed with Fireman Sam. We already had several large and small fire engine toys, so it was a process of putting them all together and choosing which aspects from each toy I could use.

Initially I baked a 30x30cm chocolate mud cake (easier than sponge cake as it is denser and pieces can be stacked on top of each other without it bowing or loosing its shape). I then cut out a rectangle for the back of the main vehicle, a piece slightly lower, and a piece higher for the cab. The cake was raised at the front and back with Twirls/Twix bars to give it height off the ground, these were then hidden by the Oreo biscuits (wheels).

The entire cake was then covered in butter icing and refrigerated. I used red ready-to-roll icing to cover the cake and did it section by section. I measured the sides, top, back and front and rolled out the icing to fit. For the front and doors, I then cut out shapes for the windows and with plain white icing filled in the windows. These were then ‘stuck’ to the cake.

I iced round the windows and doors to provide the edging effect (also hid the joins!). The ladders were made of white ready-to-roll icing as well, rolled into a long shape, cut into a rectangle and then I got a square cutter to make the rungs. I laminated a piece of plastic and placed the ladder on it to provide support. The ladders on the side were held in place by tooth picks and hidden with grey icing.

The hose was liquorice that came already rolled up, it was then attached to a piece of black tubing, again held in place with tooth picks. Blue icing made the water effect. Lollies were used for the lights and switches on the side.

The fire station was just a nappy box covered in paper that looked like brickwork, the roof the same but roofing tiles (Google images). Doors and windows just made of card/paper and stuck on.

I was very happy with the result and Jacob LOVED it!