Coolest Firetruck Cake

A bride asked me to do a cake for her rehearsal dinner. She asked if I could do a three dimensional firetruck cake. I had never done one but why not.

I used two 1/4 sheet pound cakes. I thought that regular cake would not be strong enough to keep the shape, especially when I started icing. I started by cutting the shape of a basic firetruck. One thing afterwards that I would say is when you cut in the bumpers, seats, etc. cut them a little larger so they protrude enough to ice them. I believe I cut mine too small and they were very difficult to ice.

I put a skim coat on and let it sit a few hours covered. I then started icing, red, red, and more red. I then did the detail and trim. I wasn’t sure how realistic I could make the truck so I searched high and low until I found a toy truck that I could remove parts from and attach to the truck.