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Cool Homemade In the Night Garden Themed First Birthday Cake

My aunt and I made this First Birthday Cake for my son Aden’s 1st birthday. He loves In the Night Garden and since no bakery around here did these cakes we decided to make it on our own.

I baked a white and a chocolate cake mix in two 9×13 pans. I let them cool then we cut the Number one out of the two cakes so half was white cake and the other half was chocolate. For my son’s square cake we made that one half chocolate and half white using left over pieces.

We iced the cake and then used a star tip to decorate to put a border one the One cake and cover the square cake. To make the stones in the garden we melted some chocolate and put it on wax paper to cool then placed them on the cake. We used the plastic In the Night Garden figurines to decorate the cake. This worked out really well because then my son had them to play with after to add to his collection. To write on the cake we used a Wilton writing tip and wrote “Aden Happy Birthday”.

It was an easy cake to make and my son loved it. It would be really easy to make for a beginner because you could make your own paper template to use for the 1 if you were not confident about cutting it out freehand.

4 thoughts on “Cool Homemade In the Night Garden Themed First Birthday Cake”

  1. you were so brilliant!

    I am purchasing a plain round cake, and asking them to put a red blanket in the middle and put the figures around it!

    Thanks for the idea!

  2. My grandson, Keigan just loves in the Night Garden. He is turning 2 next week and I would like to do a cake based on the night garden theme.

    You did wonderful job, congratulations!! I think I will buy a number “2” cake pan and go from there.

    I am no master baker, so wish me luck.

    Thanks again

    Hampton, Ontario

  3. Hi, ur cake rocks. How can i have U make the same for my son who turns one on saturday next week 07/07/12? I’d appreciate it if U’d give me a call(07583791151)to let me know how to request it and payments. Thank U. Tony


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