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Coolest Baby Shower Cake Design

I made this Baby Shower Cake Design for a co-worker. She already had 3 children so I wanted to incorporate them into my cake as well as the new baby. This was my first cake working with fruit chews. Next time, I will probably just use fondant.

I made a 9 X 12 white box cake and frosted it with white butter cream frosting trimmed with yellow. I lightly covered it in pastel candy sprinkles. Then I began making the “beds”.

Each bed is just a square graham cracker. You can dip these in white chocolate before using them if you like, but I didn’t have time. Just place the “beds” on the cake top where every you want to place a candy child. Place one large marshmallow in the center of the cracker long ways. Then, cut one large marshmallow in half and place one half with the cut side down at the top of the cracker. A bit of frosting on the back of each makes then stick. Now you have your child body and a pillow.

Each child consists of 2 jelly bean feet and one vanilla wafer head. Use frosting to attach to the cracker and the pillow. You can decorate the faces however you want with a frosting pen. The little flower shaped sprinkles make great pacifier bases, mouths, or if you can manage to break one in half, eyelashes. I frosted on some hair, and on the baby I made a little hat. Just make sure you decorate the heads after you put them on the pillow. I smeared 3 or 4 trying to stick them on the pillow before I figured that out.

The blankets were made out of rolled out fruit chews. You can use what ever color you want. Heat them in the microwave just BARELY! You want them pliable, not melting. I used a rolling pin and my hands to flatten the chewys and then just cut out the blankets with pinking shears. That gave me a cute edge on the blankets. Putting two different colors together made it look like the covers were turned down. The baby’s hat was also just a rolled out fruit chew cut in a long rectangle. I clipped it with pinking shears and molded it around the vanilla wafer.

The baby bottle is a pineapple fruit chew rolled up with the ends clipped off. The bottle nipple is a cherry chew rolled into a ball and pinched at one end. I just stuck it on the bottle and it turned out great. I gently molded a tiny pacifier which was just a dot of a chew and a thin long rolled piece looped around.

I put the baby in an empty cup cake paper and wrapped it with a ribbon to simulate a basket. And added a teddy graham for a teddy bear on one of the beds. I also tried to make a book for another child, but that didn’t turn out so good. But you can add anything you can think of and decorate the blankets with dots like I did.

I had so much fun making this cake. Each of my co-workers children kept the little look-a-like child and took it home. The kids thought it was so cool that they were on the cake!!

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