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Coolest Baby Block Cake

This baby block cake is ideal for a baby’s first birthday. You can make any number of blocks. These instructions will produce 9 blocks that are each 3 inches square.

Bake a cake in 2 9×9 square pans. When the cakes are baked and cooled, remove them from the pan, and slice off the top, rounded part of the cakes so you are working with a flat surface. Aim for a height of approximately 1.5 inches for each cake (this height will make your blocks a perfect square).

Frost the top of one cake, and then place the other cake on top of it. Cut your cake into 9 square blocks. Each block will be 3 inches wide and three inches long.

Mix up a variety of icing colors, and frost each individual block on the top and on all four sides.

You may pipe icing around the edges of the blocks for a more finished look, but if you’re not a pro at piping, it’s not necessary.

Decorate your cake blocks to look like baby blocks. You could pipe one letter of your baby’s name on each block to spell out his or her name. You could also buy pre-made cake decorations in shapes that you might see on children’s blocks and place them on the squares. Don’t forget to decorate the sides as well as the tops of the blocks to make them more authentic looking.

Arrange your blocks on your serving tray. Use a spatula to lift each block, being careful not to mess up the icing.

Homemade Baby Block Cake

Homemade Baby Block Cake

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