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Coolest First Birthday Cake

The #1 on this first birthday cake is actually a candy plaque molded in the Wilton 1 pan. To begin you will need to melt 2 packages of wafer candy (either using pre-colored yellow wafers or color using white candy and candy* color) in microwave starting with 1 minute and stirring and microwaving at 30 second intervals thereafter. Next, pour into cake pan and tap pan on counter to remove any air bubbles. (Please note that with two packages of candy you will only fill in the main part of the 1. If you wish to fill all the way to the outer lip of the pan you will need at least one if not two more packages of candy.)

Let set in refrigerator or freezer. You need to do this at least one day in advance because you will also be using royal icing on this piece. After candy is set remove from pan by turning over onto cake board or cookie sheet. Add name or message in desired color using royal icing and add jumbo star sprinkles by attaching with royal icing. After finished cover loosely (or place in cake box) to prevent any damage and allow to dry for at least 24 hrs.

The next day…bake and cool one layer 12″ square cake. Frost the top white and sides in yellow to match 1. Place star sprinkles on side and sprinkle all over top. For borders I used white icing with blue and green color striping and a tip 105. I love tip 105 for kids cakes!

To achieve the color striped effect you MUST use a parchment bag. Dip a decorators brush into your icing color and paint down the sides of the bag. I alternated blue/green. You will need to squeeze out the beginning of the icing into a different place before beginning your border to get the striping started. I do not recommend using red because it is going to end up pink rather than red.

Next you need to attach dowel rods to the back of the candy plaque using melted candy. (Do NOT use royal icing! I did this and it is too brittle and broke off after drying when handled improperly. Candy is much stronger!)

I also made a 3″ individual cake with a 1 on top for the birthday boy. If you add star confetti on top as I did just remember to remove it before he actually eats it as it is a choking hazard for such a small child.

At party assemble cake and have fun!

(*If you have not colored candy before you must use candy color or food coloring. Do not use gel icing color-it doesn’t work. Trust me!

Coolest First Birthday Cake

4 thoughts on “Coolest First Birthday Cake”

  1. Hi i would like to make this cake for my nieces birthday but i didn’t get what u mean by wafer candy..? any examples of any known brands..? and when u say 2 or more packs any idea how many grams…?

  2. Hi,
    I don’t think we have wafer candy in Australia. Is there something else you can recommend that I can melt and mold into a number one?

  3. I think by wafer candy she means the little round chocolate disks that you melt to fill in candy forms and make chocolate lollipops. You can get them usually at party stores, Party City, Rojays, in the aisle that sells the candy molds and baking supplies.


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