I baked a red velvet cake and covered it in yellow and green fondant. I had envisioned a beautiful diaper bag. I cut it to where it would look realistic and ended up on night 1 disappointed at the fact that it looked like a horrific glob of ugly yellow and green-ness. I had worked so hard on the baby converse also made of fondant with a pattern I had found online and the pacifier and bottle and baby keys. How could this look so bad?

I even called of  my church sisters and told her that I didn’t know if I could do it. So the next morning I got up and prayed and started nailing out all the trimming and trying to salvage this horrid looking cake. When I took it to the baby shower at church the sister I had spoken with looked at me as if I was being dramatic during our conversation. I looked and laughed and assured her that it really didn’t start out looking this good. No one could believe that it almost didn’t end up being a diaper bag cake. In fact, some didn’t believe it was a cake at all and thought it was an actual diaper bag.