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Cute Homemade Fish Birthday Cake With M&Ms

You will need for this Fish Birthday Cake:

Basic Sponge cake recipe -enough for two 20cm cakes.

chocolate m&m’s / smarties(S.A)

Edible glitter (from a cake or party shop)

I made this cake for my boyfriends 27th birthday because he is crazy about fishing and he totally loved it.

I used a basic sponge cake recipe- enough for two 20cm cake tins. Divided the mixture between them and baked as instructed by the recipe.

I then used the one cake to make the fins of the fish and the other as the body. Keep one cake intact and lie it bottom side up on your serving tray or cake board. Then from the second cake, cut a crescent shape off the top of the cake and another from the bottom part of the cake.

Then cut both crescents in half. Use two halves placed facing outwards for the tail and the other two at the top and bottom of the body as fins.

For the mouth cut a “V” shape from the fish body.

Make a batch frosting, whichever colour you prefer. Then starting with the body, place a little icing under the body and lay the cake down on it then do the same with the fins and tail- here you are using the frosting as glue to keep the cake in place. Do the same to attach the tail and fins to the body of the cake. Don’t worry if they don’t sit perfectly.

Then lay thick layers of icing on the cake and ice fully. Try and smooth the icing as you go with a spatula or a butter knife. This is now your crumb coat. Place it in the fridge for about 30min or if you don’t have much time, 15min should be fine.

Take the cake out again and put on one more layer of icing. Make sure you take off any excess with your knife/spatula and wipe the surrounding area of the cake board with some kitchen towel so it looks neat.

Now comes the fun decorating bit. Use a different coloured icing to line the face and mouth. Use a dot off the same colour for the eye and then place an m&m on it.

Line the body with M&M’s so it resembles scales. If you have any edible glitter- sprinkle all over the cake to give it a sparkle.

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