Coolest Homemade Flip Flops Cake for a Pool Party

Hi, My name is Cindy. I love baking cakes for family, friends and even the occasional stranger that hears about me. I had a call from the secretary of my son’s school and she said her daughter was turning 9 and having a swimming pool party. And she wanted me to come up with something girly. Being a huge fan of summer I thought of flip flops. Doing this flip flops cake was so much fun. I love letting my imagination run wild.

Getting the 3D Effect

The hardest thing was coming up with something that would make the straps of the flip flops stand up and look real. It was a true comedy watching my husband create the straps from clothes hangers. I wasn’t sure if he was working the clothes hangers or they were working him at times.

But after some magic handy work and then being covered with fondant, the straps were perfect. I made them real life size (my size obviously). In addition, I also make homemade chocolates so I was able to add the chocolate seashells to help the whole effect of the cake.

Success From the Flip Flops Cake

The cake just makes me think of summer and feel good. The day after the party I received a phone call and the mother went on to tell me that the cake was the hit of the party. Everyone loved the cake and all the little girls want one just like it.

She said that all the moms there wanted my phone number. They said the cake was amazing and it tasted wonderful. I love it when you get feedback like that, it’s what makes me keep doing cakes. I love the reward of feeling great about making someone’s special day just a little better.