Coolest Flip Flops Cake

I made this flip flops cake for my sister-in-law’s 30th luau-themed surprise birthday party. I made a cinnamon chocolate cake and white chocolate cream cheese icing. Basically, I baked the cake in a 9″ x 13″ pan. After baking, I turned the cake out onto a board to let it cool, and I froze it. Freezing makes carving the cakes easier.

While the cake was in the freezer, I traced two flip flops on waxed paper in pencil–making sure I had one left and one right. When the cake was frozen, I took it out and used my waxed paper tracing sheet to carve out the flip flops.

I crumb-coated both cakes, froze them again, and gave them their final “top coat” of icing. I used fruit leather for the straps, although something else might have been better like licorice, because the straps did not want to “sit up” on the cakes. I decorated the sides with Skittles candies.

It was fun to make, and people seemed to enjoy it!

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