Cool Homemade Flip Flops on the Beach Cake

My best friend and I did this flip flop cake for my son’s engagement party this last July. It took 6 yellow cake mixes with 18 eggs.

For the base cake we placed two large rectangle cakes together. We cut the flip flops out of and large round cake. A pair of large size 9-10 woman’s flip flops were used as a pattern for the cake flip flops. We took the colors of the flip flops from their invitations.

We make the candy shells out of mint and chocolate melted and set in shell candy molds. The water was made with gel frosting. We also made the sand out of crushed vanilla wafers. I then wrote in the sand, it was just like writing in real sand.

The cake sat over night and the moisture in the frosting held the sand in place. I was worried the texture of the vanilla wafers over the frosting would be a little weird but everyone loved it.

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