Coolest Flip Flop Cake

I was asked to make a pair of flip flops out of cake for a little girl’s birthday (7th I think), her party theme was beach/luau. She brought a picture of a cake she found online and wanted the colors changed and I added sand and the cupcakes with little flip flops just for fun.

First I sketched a pair of flip flops onto some card stock. I used two 1/8 sheet cakes. One for each flip flop. I laid the card stock on the cake and traced an outline with a small knife. Removed the card stock and finished the cutting.

Next step was icing it. I took the colors the lady asked for and mostly star tips for the insoles of the shoes. The border around the shoes are made from a rose tip with the small side up. The sides were the hardest but nothing to difficult. Just a larger writing tip bag and covered them all the way around and then went back with a small paddle and smoothed it out. Next, I took purple sand sugar and sprinkled the sides to make them pop.

The straps are made from one air head for each shoe cut length wise down the middle. I gently placed in the shoes just as a flip flop would be.

And next is the sand. I tried to cover the board with a thin layer of icing and sprinkled the entire board with sand sugar. Place cupcakes around cake and ice with white icing and sprinkle with sand sugar to match the board. I used nutty buddy cookies and decorated to match the large flip flops.

I got lots of compliments on this cake and the little girl loved it!

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